viernes, 2 de marzo de 2012

Counting Crows - Black and Blue

Counting Crows - Black and Blue
Gm:   0231
Bb:   3211
Dm:   2210
Cm:   0333
Gm  C-Csus4   Gm  C

F                     Dm
 Fading everything to black and blue
You look a lot like you'd
Cm                         Bb
Shatter in the blink of an eye
             Gm                C
But you keep sailing right on through
Every time you say you're learning
You just look a lot like me
Pale under the blistering sky
White and red  black and blue
Gm                      C
  You've been waiting a long time
Gm                      C
  You've been waiting a long time
        Bb             F
To fall down on your knees
Cut your hands
        Gm              Bb
Cut yourself until you bleed
        F           Gm
Fall asleep next to me

Wait for everyone to go away
And in a dimly lit

room where you've got nothing to hide
Say your good-byes

Tell yourself we'll read a note that says I'm sorry everyone
I'm tired of feeling nothing goodbye
Wash your face dry your eyes


       Gm                Bb          F
Have a dream I'm falling down on my face
          C               Gm                Bb
Scrape my knees scrape my hands until they bleed
                    F            Gm
Cause you're fast asleep next to me
Next to me... next to me.. next to me..


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