martes, 4 de septiembre de 2012

Manu Chao - Mr Bobby

Manu Chao - Mr Bobby

G: 0232

Am                          Dm     G
    Sometimes I dream about reality
Am                      Dm   G
    Sometimes I feel so gone
Am                            Dm            G
    Sometimes I dream about a wild wild world
Am                       Dm       G
    Sometimes I feel so lonesome

Am                 Dm                    G

Hey Bobby Marley, sing something good to me
Am                   Dm              G

This world go crazy, it's an emergency

Am                     Dm       G
 Tonight I dream about fraternity
Am               Dm    G

 Tonight I say: one day!
Am                      Dm      G

 One day my dreams will be reality
Am               Dm     G

 Like Bobby said to me

Coro x2

Am                      Dm      G 

 Tonight I watch through my window
(And I can't see no lights)


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