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Jack Johnson - Cocoon

Jack Johnson - Cocoon

A:  6454
D:  2220
Bm: 4222
E:  4442
G#: 5343

A                     C#m

  Based on your smile,
D           C#m
I’m betting all of this
Bm                   E
  Might be over soon.
A                         C#m
  But you’re bound to win,
       D              C#m
‘Cause if I’m betting against you,
Bm                        E
  I think I’d rather lose.
Bm                            E
  But this is all that I have.

  A        G# 
So  please,
D             E                     A     G#
  Take what’s left of this heart and  use,
D                 E              A     G#
  Please use only what you really  need.
D                 E                 A        G#
  You know I only have so little, so  please,
D           E               A       E  A  E
  Mend your broken heart and  leave.

A                            C#m
  I know it’s not your style
          D           C#m
And I can tell by the way that you move 
Bm                     E
  It’s real, real soon.
A                      C#m
  But I’m on your side
    D               C#m
And I don’t want to be your regret.
Bm                          E
  I’d rather be your cocoon.
Bm                              E
  But this is all that you have.

  A        G#
So  please,
D                    E                            A     G#
  Let me take what’s left of your heart and I will  use,
D              E              A      G#
  I swear I’ll use only what I  need.
D                 E 
  I know you only have so little,

  A        G#

So  please,
D                E
  Let me mend my broken heart and...

A                               C#m
  You said this was all you have    and it’s all I need,
F#m                     D
   But blah, blah, blah,  because it fell apart and
A                           C#m
  I guess it’s all you knew,    and all I had.
F#m               D
   But now we have  only confused hearts,
   Bm                    E
And   I guess all we have  is really all we need.

  A        G#
So  please,
D                  E                A     G#
  Let’s take these broken hearts and  use,
D                E             A      G#
  Let’s use only what we really  need.
D                  E
  You know we only have so little

   A        G#

So,  please,
D            E                A       E  A  E  A
  Take these broken hearts and  leave.


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