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MGMT - Electric feel

MGMT - Electric Feel

Gm: 0231
Ab: 5343 o x343

Bb: 3211

Intro: Cm7 Gm Ab Ab - Bb Gm Ab Ab

Cm7       Gm      Ab
All along the western front 
Bb             Gm   Ab
People line up to receive
Cm7               Gm     Ab
She got the power in her hand
   Bb                 Gm      Ab
To shock you like you won't believe
Cm7       Gm     Ab

Saw her in the Amazon
Bb                    Gm          Ab          

With the voltage running through her skin
Cm7              Gm      Ab

Standing there with nothing on
Bb                 Gm     Ab

She gonna teach me how to swim 

       Cm7      Gm  Ab             |
I said ooh girl                    |
Bb                 Gm     Ab       |
Shock me like an electric feel     | x2 
Cm7        Gm  Ab                  |
Baby girl                          |
Bb                     Gm     Ab   |
Turn me on with your electric feel |

All along the eastern shore 
Put your circuits in the sea 
This is what the world is for 
Making electricity 
You can feel it in your mind 
Oh you can do it all the time 
Plug it in and change the world 
You are my electric girl

Coro x2

Cm7 Bb x3

Cm7 Gm Ab Ab
Bb Gm Ab Ab

            Cm7   Gm  Ab   |
Do what you feel now       |
         Bb       Gm  Ab   |x5
Electric feel now          |


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